Sunday, February 28, 2016

Can you share enlightenment?

Interesting question, but how the fuck should I know?  I thought I was enlightened once, I was wrong.  I was something  different, something that can be confused with enlightenment:  I was inspired.  That's it.
Why would I think I was enlightened?  Well, a couple reasons, but mostly because I kept having ideas that I thought the world could benefit from.  I still think I have several good ideas and I am going to share them over the next couple blog posts.  I can't guarantee that I'll even do that though, because I get distracted.  And I'm a dreamer.  And I used to think I was humble.
Here is/was my greatest hurdle.  Should I write about something that I think is compelling, but violates an important principle of mine?  The principle is that everything and everyone are just fine exactly the way they are.  And, if I am writing a blog about how things should be better, I am implying that things need improvement and aren't perfect the way they are.  I was stuck there for a while, but today I decided that I wasn't going to let that get in my way any more.  Here is my solution.  I am going to offer suggestions and you can take them or leave them.  I am going to blog about what I am doing with my little corner of the universe.
I want everyone to succeed.  I want my family to succeed.  I want my friends to succeed.  I want this world and everyone in it succeed.  That want is not humble.  If some of the things I blog about help you, please take them and consider giving similar help to other people.  Or just take the ideas and make things better for yourself.  Either is fine with me.  Or if you read this and you get a chuckle about my misdirected thoughts, that's fine too.
I also want people to share my vision of the future with.  And to be inspired by others.  Please contact me if you have pure intentions of a better way to live and think you can either contribute.

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